👋 Hey there! I’m Swapnil.

Founder, Developer, Writer, and Lifelong Learner


I’m fixing tech hiring at scale via 🚀 Roc8 Careers. Prior to that, I worked as a Software Developer at Amazon and as a Product Manager at Meesho (YC S16). I optimize my life for fun over everything else. Here are 12 problems I spend most of my time on.


– Adlerian psychology 🦉
– Changing education system to have more hands-on learning
– Engineering serendipity


– Every day at 8:53pm, I share a 💊 bite-sized excerpt from one of the 150+ books I’ve read.
– I run mastermind groups for writers (read support groups).
– I built a minimalistic iOS app with a practical way for anyone to get started with journaling in less than 2 minutes a day (archived now).


– I have been to a live WWE match.
– Phoebe is my spirit animal.
– I care deeply about the Oxford comma. 🤓