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Misty Dreams

Posted on:January 22, 2019 at 08:12 AM (2 min read)

It was a normal day in your normal life, until…

You got run over while riding your bicycle. Every inch of your body hurt. A lot. And then it all stopped. You went numb, like nothing had ever happened.

You’re not sure what happened next, but you found yourself here. Standing in the middle of a large open space. Brightly lit. Nobody as far as you can see.

You feel a gentle tap on your back. You turn around, and see “Me”.

“What do you want to do now?”  –  I asked.
You stammer, “Umm, I’m not sure.”
“How was your life?”
“Mostly good; sometimes bad.”
“Any regrets?”
“Oh yes, definitely! If only…
I sighed, showing my disappointment in you. Then, with the warmest smile you had ever seen, I asked: “Would you like to do it all over again?
“What’s the catch?”
“So, I get to go back in time without any consequences?”
“Yes, to any point in your life.”
“Awesome! Just like a video game, with unlimited lives.”
“Sorta. But not unlimited. I decide whether you get to respawn or not.”
“So it’s Karma?”
“Mostly yes. If I see potential in someone to be content with his life, I may give him a chance to go back!”
“But what about the Butterfly Effect?”
“Don’t worry about all that.”
“Wait… Was I sent back before?”
“It’s best if you don’t know.”
“So what happens now?”
You’ll wake up on the morning of the day that you regret the most.
“Thanks, I’ll make it right this time!”
I stood there, smiling at your innocent excitement. This was your 42nd time, or 126th; I had stopped keeping count long ago.
And… Poof!

I am reminded of the current sparse population in the Utopian Realm, the place above Heaven. My journey to find content people continues…